Thulani and his littermate sister were dumped at the Humane Society Silicon Valley both in pretty bad shape.  They were about three months old  and both had been badly abused–the sister with broken legs that had not been set, and Thulani with cut-off ears and what appeared to be cigarette burns.  Thulani’s sister was adopted by one of the staff members and GSRNC agreed to take in Thulani.  We lined up a foster home for him, and planned out his stay with us before he would be put up for adoption, and then the lightening-bolt struck.  He had a level 5 heart murmur that further analysis indicated would be fatal in just a few months.  We called the prospective fosterer to inform her of his condition and that we would not be bringing him into the program after all.  She was devastated as were we, but she called back in a few hours to tell us that she would take him and would give him the best life she could for whatever time he had left!  Thulani lived only an additional two months, but he was a happy puppy in a wonderful home for that period.  His last months were quality ones, and he now waits at the Rainbow Bridge for his foster moms to get there.  But his legacy is the Thulani Program, which is helping many of his fur brothers and sisters that have only a limited life expectancy.

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