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  • Loren Girardot (1 year)

    Hi! I am the adoptions coordinator for the DFW German Shepherd Rescue (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area). As I’m sure you know the requests for intake are overwhelming. We try to take in our fair share of senior GSDs, however we are limited with lack of space.(like every rescue). Do you know of a senior Rescue in Texas?

    Thank you for your time and saving the seniors!

    • ravikravik (1 year)

      Hi Loren, I am not familiar with any senior GSD rescues in Texas. You might try contacting the Grey Muzzle Organization and the Miracle GSD Network. They might have some ideas to help you.
      Good luck,
      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

  • Lauren Ingraham (11 months)

    Hello, I have a comment/concern about the article I read about your organization. I applaud your efforts to place senior/terminally ill dogs in loving homes to live out their lives loved and comfortable. My concern was the picture of the German Shepherd Elmo shown at the very beginning of the article. The conditions of the shelter he was being kept in were deplorable. A very small space, paint shipped concrete surroundings, laying on an extremely soiled house animals. I don’t know where this shelter is, but it is certainly nowhere fitting to keep animals.

    • ravikravik (11 months)

      Dear Lauren,
      We understand your concern and share it. Many shelters are not pleasant places to be but many also are staffed by very caring staff. Nevertheless, this is why we try to save them from the shelters as rapidly a we can. Please follow our dogs on facebook

      The Thulani Program

  • Lorraine McNichol (11 months)

    I’m interested in following up about Elmo who was spotlighted in a Washington Post article. I’d like to do a follow up article and wonder if you can put me in touch with the new owner, Steve Frost.

    • ravikravik (11 months)

      Dear Lorraine,
      Thank you for your interest in Elmo and Steve. Quite a story.

      If you want to pursue this, please email us a with additional details about what you would like to publish, where, what sort of information, some history about you, etc. We will respond.

      Thulani Program

  • Suzanne Lizanich-Aro (11 months)

    I am wondering if you know of any organizations similar to yours in the Washington, DC area

    • ravikravik (11 months)

      Dear Suzanne,
      Thank you for your interest in the Thulani Program. Unfortunately I do not know of any in the Washington DC area. But groups like ours are springing up all over so I would check with the Grey Muzzle Organization and see if they know of any http://www.GMO.ORG

      Good luck
      Thulani Program

  • Jonel Wagoner (11 months)

    I have a rescue, Kokopelli Moon Rescue, located just outside Springville, CA. I take in dogs (and other needy creatures), but mostly dogs, who have been injured, abandoned, abused, shot, etc, etc….you know. Anyway, I’m looking for some encouragement. I just picked up the ashes from one of the little rescues that I lost. He was tossed out of a car window. I loved him, treated him, and thought he was good. But I lost him. I’ve successfully re-homed over 150 dogs; however, I have several seniors and a few special needs dogs. I just retired from the federal government after 37 fire seasons, so this is my full-time job now, and I’m looking for advice for making this venture successful. I’m thinking that finding fosters for some of my seniors would help take some of the burden and worry off me. What do you think? Any advice will be much-appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

    • ravikravik (10 months)

      Hi Jonel,
      Thank you for your message. I love to hear from kindred souls–I so admire you for your work. I, too, retired and turned this into a full-time job.
      I don’t know that I have a lot of sage advice to pass along, but would love to talk with you. Please call me at your convenience at 408-718-8491

      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

  • Patrick (10 months)

    Hello Bob,

    I was wondering if you knew which dogs would be at the adoption on 3/8/17? I’d like to read their stories. I know about the ones we’ve talk about, just wondering about any others.



    • ravikravik (10 months)

      Hi Patrick, the list should appear today (Or latest early tomorrow) on our web page

      See you Saturday.


  • Trista Starks (9 months)

    Please help with this sweet senior GSD girl who is a DEAD DOG WALKING. She was supposed to die yesterday at 2:00 pm but instead it is for 2:00 today. There are nearly $800 in pledges & sooo many people rooting for her to be saved today. She is at Devore Shelter & has some mass that they will not describe to us. Here is her link at Devore Death Shelter snd our hearts are breaking for her! Her name is Godiva & her ID# is A669404. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP MAKE A MIRACLE HAPPEN FOR THIS SWEET SOUL???

    • ravikravik (9 months)

      She was rescued

  • Alex Hayes (3 months)

    Please help two senior siblings, Sheba and Jesse. They are at Carson Animal Shelter in California.

    Female and Male, 14 year olds that were surrendered. They are big gentle giants that need rescue, ASAP! Please!

    The link below should take you to them!!!


    Thank you,

    • ravikravik (3 months)

      We are checking into them–The Thulani Team

  • Vickie Burgin (1 month)

    I can always foster a cat friendly senior. I love seniors and know how to take care of them with gentle walks and lots of soft places to sleep.

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