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•    If you have a love for German Shepherds
•    If you have a passion for rescuing animals in need
•    If you especially are drawn to the plight of the most vulnerable of the rescue community, the terminally ill or the extremely old
•    If you are willing to work rather than simply talk about your passion

then we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us in the Thulani Program.

In strolling through this site, you will have seen that our ‘shakedown cruise’ with the Thulani Program over the first 2.5 years had been a success, and that we subsequently expanded significantly the geographic area from which we will accept dogs into the program, now including all of California and northwestern Nevada, resources permitting.  We now have stabilized at bringing in 40-50 new dogs each year.

This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ‘ground floor’ of an exciting, vibrant, worthwhile, and badly needed program that will make a huge difference.  We need motivated people with ideas, enthusiasm, and especially a deepseated empathy for the Thulani Dogs.

“I always wanted to do something more significant and more tangible to help animals. This program makes me feel like I’m really making a difference. And my foster is so wonderful, she’s worth it!”
Suzanne Wagner

Please see the pages below (Foster, Help Out) for some of the ways that you could get involved.  If after reading these, you still would like to consider joining us or would like additional information, please contact me directly at

Bob Jachens
Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue



  • Diana Sharp (9 years)

    Luke when first seized by animal control
    READ BELOW. 11-13 YR SENIOR Luke at OC shelter has suffered too much in his life for far too long. He needs rescue and a RETIREMENT HOME where he can live the rest of his days safe, secure, valued and LOVED as part of a family for the rest of his days, something which he was denied for too long! Friends, please help me find that special situation for Luke – please pledge. If you are LOCAL and have it in your heart and can COMMIT to offering Luke the life he deserves FOR THE REST OF HIS DAYS -not a day, a week or a month-please step up for him now.

    This is a special post for a very special German Shepherd at OC shelter named Luke. Despite all odds (look through ENTIRE album), Luke’s will to live won out and he has recovered from the prolonged and severe neglect he obviously suffered over a period of YEARS. Now the shelter has reached out and asked for help in placing Luke in a wonderful situation so he NEVER has endure or suffer from neglect again. Luke was released from evidence by the D.A.’s office and needs rescue by AUGUST 27.
    For more information about Luke adoption partners PLEASE contact
    Katie Ingram
    Community Outreach Team Supervisor
    561 The City Drive South
    Orange, CA 92868

  • amy holbrook (9 years)

    I’m interested in helping. I’m located in Oregon (outside Portland) and can travel south to the CA border if needed.
    I am an experienced GSD owner and currently have a 9 year old male and 12 year old female Lab and two cats.
    Female fosters would be best.
    I sent an email already with a $50 donation and haven’t had a response yet.
    I would appreciate some contact back to let me know your needs?
    thank you for all you do.

  • anna watts (8 years)

    Hi I was interested in fostering Millie. She sounds a lot like my girl I lost in January. I do have 2 male dogs a 1 year old GSD and a baby Frenchie. But I think I can help Millie our a lot because we are putting in a pool. My old gal had DM and arthritis and swimming was her saving grace. We also did several meds, as well as acupuncture and massage on her. Please give me more info. Thank you Anna

    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Dear Anna,

      Thank you very much for your generous offer to help Millie T. I am happy to announce that just before your offer came in, Millie found her forever retirement home with a couple who also are familiar with the kind of mobility issues that Millie suffers from. So for now, she is safe, but if things change, I will definitely contact you.

      But the Thulani Program gets all too many dogs with similar problems, so I would urge you to consider helping some of them in the future. We bring in about 4-5 Thulani dogs per month, and at least a third of them have rear end related mobility problems (DM, hip dysplasia, other neurological deficits) and people who know how to deal with these are limited in number. And we are one of the very few organizations that will take in such dogs, even though the need is huge. We would love to have you join the Thulani family.

      So if you are possibly interested in joining our effort, to give us some background information on which to begin, please go to the German shepherd Rescue of Northern California website ( and fill out and submit the online Adoption Questionnaire. In the ‘additional information’ section please indicate that you are interested in the Thulani Program and have been in communication with Bob.

      Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

  • Patti Romnes (8 years)

    Hi Bob,

    I am very interested in providing a home for a Thulani dog. I adopted a senior female from NorCalGSD in early July and, while she is wonderful, she needs a companion. Her name was Niala, now is Sylvie. From the descriptions, Mr. Wonderful T. or Niurka would do well with her. She is a level 2 or 3–sleeps a lot but loves walks, some ball play and is great in the car. One problem is that I have three levels and stairs. I will be moving early this summer to a level home. I worked with Bunny Jamal and couldn’t be happier with my senior girl.

    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Hi Patti,

      What a terrific message to end the year on. We would love to have you join our Thulani retirement home team (along with the rest of the group). I will call you to talk this over, hopefully today.

      Fortunately for them, both Niurka and Mr Wonderful have found their permanent homes. But Giselle T. (see for her story) and Katie T. are still looking for their retirement homes. And we are bringing in 4-5 dogs per month (unfortunately, the supply never ends) so if neither of these fascinates you, there will be more to choose from shortly. Just a few days ago, we brought in a new boy, Mario T., from the Baldwin Park shelter in LA. I will send you a pic of him once I send this. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Bob Jachens, Director of Thulani

  • Patti Romnes (8 years)

    Hi Bob,

    Can you send me your phone number or call me? 650-367-9761…



  • Jane Leavy (8 years)

    Hi, we were told that a dog at the East Valley shelter named Mario, was rescued about 2 weeks ago. He was listed at 13, but probably younger. A notch in right ear, and something going on with left ear (hard to tell from photo). Already neutered and very, very friendly. We can NOT find him. Someone suggested you may have been involved in his rescue. Any information will be so appreciated! His # at the shelter was A1526056

    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Hi Jane,

      I think we are connected on this one. Thanks for the donation to Super Mario T.

  • Christina Kersten (5 years)

    I just came across your site and am sad that I missed your appearance in Los Gatos this last Saturday. I will try to make March 3rd.

    I have a senior (13 years) girl and two one-year-old pups. My senior lost her litter mate last May, and I am still saddened by her sudden death. The young ones have bonded with my senior, but they mostly play together and she is usually alone.

    I have been thinking that it would be nice for her to have a companion of her own speed. I am interested in having a male as I have three females already.

    Our family has an eleven-acre fenced-in yard to offer. We also have three cats. My husband and I have three young boys – two are eight, and one is seven. We are a fun family and love our pets.

    Please let us know if you have an elderly dog you think might like being with us forever-more.

    • ravikravik (5 years)

      Hi Christina, I am sorry for the delayed response. Yes we are very interested in your offer of a foster home. Every dog we place in a foster home allows us to save another. Please contact us at and let us know where you live and how we can contact you. The Thulani Team

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