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Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR)
… a legacy of helping the most vulnerable

The dogs listed on this page all are looking for their forever homes. All are current on their vaccinations. They all have passed a rigorous temperament test. They come with a cushy pad, dog food, toys, and many other goodies. Their medical costs will be paid for life.

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TSGSR Thulani Dogs 
Click on the dog’s picture below to view more details and photos.  To start the adoption process fill out the TSGSR Adoption Questionnaire.  Similarly, you can apply to become a foster by filling out the  TSGSR Foster Questionnaire.   To contact us directly please send an email to info@ThulaniSeniorGSR.org.

Annie T.
Female, 9yo, 61lbs

Aria T.
Female, 7yo, 53lbs

Athena T.
Female, 9yo, 80lbs

Bella T.
Female, 10yo, 92lbs

Big Bear T.
Male, 12yo, 123lbs

Gypsy T.
Female, 10yo, 57lbs

Kairos T.
Male, 12yo, 102lbs

Larry Longfellow T.
Male, 10yo, 80lbs

Lucy T.
Female, 10yo, 51lbs

Nora T.
Female, 11yo, 67lbs

Phoebe T.
Female, 9yo, 82lbs


Raffles T.
Male, 9yo, 63lbs

Shelby T.
Female, 12yo, 83lbs

Tazmo T.
Male, 11yo, 90lbs

Trooper T.
Male, 10yo, 74lbs

Magruder T.
Male, 10yo, 87lbs
Adoption Pending


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  • Marsha bassett (2 years)

    Please let me know how Riches is progressive

  • Annie Ralston (6 months)

    Wondering where you are located

    • ravikravik (6 months)

      We are in the San Francisco Bay Area and serve all of California

  • Sandra Thomason (3 months)

    I will be so glad to contribute to your organization if you will please take a look at the Inland Empire shelters like San Jacinto and San Bernardino to save the MANY beautiful shepherds who are on euth lists regularly. It just makes me sick! Thank you.

    • ravikravik (3 months)

      Dear Sandra, Thulani covers shelters statewide and we have taken a number of dogs from the San Jacinto Shelter–they are extremely helpful and make it easy for us to take their older dogs. We also have taken a few dogs from San Bernardino and lots of dogs from Moreno Valley (are they Riverside Co?). Remember we take German Shepherds that are 10 years old or older, or ones that are terminally ill, so we cannot rescue all the GSDs in these shelters.
      To help these most vulnerable dogs, please go to http://www.thulanidogs.org and to the ‘donate’ pull-down menue o n the home page upper banner.
      Thank you for your interest in Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescu (TSGSR). Robert Jachens, Director, TSGSR.

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