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The Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue Management Team remains small and dedicated.  We all have the same mission and pull in the same direction.

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Robert Jachens                  President Director
Renee Abbott                    Vice President Director
Irene Torres-Tabor             Treasurer Director
Sue Stretch                        Secretary/Chief of Staff to the President
Barbara Hunt
Linda Vartanian

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Irene Torres-Tabor
Linda Vartanian


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  • Jacquelene Petersen (8 years)

    Good afternoon,

    I am hoping you can help me or point me in the right direction. My family is just moving from Elk Grove, California to Sequim, Washington. I am seeking help to assist my inlaws beautiful “mature” German Shepherd. My inlaws have lived in Grants Pass for decades but now one has gone into assisted living and other is moving to senior housing near my husband and I in Sequim. They have a beautiful, gentle and mellow German Shepherd from Belgium that was bought and breeded for years until adopted by my inlaws. Uma is approximately 10-11 years old, spayed and current on shots. I have been an animal rescuer/shelter volunteer for years…so reaching out to you somewhat locally for assistance. I will not abandon her at a shelter or rehome without knowing she will be loved and cared for.

    As of now, we plan to move my father-in-law on October 6th to a Sequim nursing home and my mother-in-law to a rental at the same time.

    I appreciate your assistance with Uma to take her into your rescue and/or rehome into a good forever home. Thank you ahead for any help and guidance you can give.

    Uma’s information:

    Age and Gender – Approximately 10-11 years
    Vaccination status – Current
    Any medical issues – none known, will check with current Vet in Grants Pass
    Reason for surrender – Owners moving to assisted living/senior homes and both have dementia making them unable to care for pet dog
    A description of the dog, likes and dislikes, etc. – Sweet and mellow, she likes to be with people but also likes to explore yard on her own or nap on patio/in her open crate in house
    Any behavioral issues or bite history – none
    Location of dog (City, State) – Grants Pass, OR…We can transport to CA, OR or WA.

    Thank you so very much,


    Jacquelene Petersen
    20 Petal Lane
    Sequim, WA 98382


    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Dear Jacquelene,

      I am very sorry to her about your parents difficulties, and your need to rehome their dog. Unfortunately, the Thulani Program is not able to satisfy all of the requests for our services that come in from our core area in California. So we are not able to consider dogs from out of state, although we do get asked frequently.

      There may be senior dog sanctuaries in the Grants Pass area, although i am not familiar with any. I hope you can find one.

      Good luck and sorry we cannot help.

      Bob Jachens
      Thulani Program

  • Karen Jachens (8 years)

    Here is a site that gives some references:
    Hope that helps some. Good luck finding Uma a new home.


  • Penelope Morris (8 years)

    Hello I am a volunteer with Pets are Worth Saving & Corona Animal Shelter we have a beautiful GSD that is very social and in need of a home. She is a senior appears to be in great shape she scaled an 8 foot fence 🙂 Please contact me ASAP if you can take her, adopt, foster, or even network. She is at risk at this shelter…..thank-you and best regards,

    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Dear Penelope, the Thulani Program is a hospice program for terminally ill GSDs, ones with a life expectancy of about a year or less. From your description, although she may be a senior, I doubt that she would be a candidate for the Thulani Program. Good luck in finding her a home.

  • bob edmiston (8 years)

    Hard to contact Bob! I could fulani the male from Escalon. I have worked with three GS rescues sequentially, NCGSR, GSGSR and SCGSR. I have fostered 52 German shepherds from these three organizations over the years, about one month each. I could take the Escalon male permanently.
    I’m too remote here in the Sierras to do my current rescue, Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue, much good as I live too far from the two closest adoption sites. Dez at SCGSR has been my leader over the years at all three Rescues and would be my most recent reference.
    I have four dogs, three females, one male; three hard-to-adopts from the first two rescues and one from Pets and Pals. They were the teachers for my guests. We live on 8.4 ridgetop wooded acres and have a 1.2 acre yard with a 6.5′ steel wire fence. We have a 24 hour dog door, and do two short walks a day. Phone is 209-293-2283

    • ravikravik (8 years)

      Hi Bob,

      Will contact you tomorrow, April 11. thanks for writing

  • Melissa Pappas (7 years)

    I’d love to “reblog” your article on the Miracle Network! It’s terrific and I’d like to share it with my readers. I’ve included a link to my blog, so you can see that we are the happy humans to a Miracle Dog – our adored Dolly (Miracle Dog #307). My latest post is about that reunion.

    Lisa Lopardo Welch forwarded your great article to me. I will, naturally give complete credit to you and a link to your group.

    I hope you will permit me to reblog your story! I’m hoping that continuing to get the stories out will bring heightened awareness to the work being done to save these wonderful dogs.

    Thank you!


    Melissa Pappas
    Hamburg Township, Livingston County, MI

    “If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

    • ravikravik (7 years)

      Hi Melissa,

      I’d be happy to have you reblog any article I have written. Which one is it that you have in mind? Please let me know here or by sending an e-mail to me at thulanidogs@gsrnc.org.


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