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The dogs listed on this page all are looking for their forever homes.  All are current on their vaccinations.  They all have passed a rigorous temperament test.  They come with a cushy pad, dog food, toys, and many other goodies.  The Thulani Program will cover all medical costs for the rest of the dog’s life.

If you are possibly interested in providing a loving home for one of these fabulous companions, please fill out the online Adoption Questionnaire and mention The Thulani Program in the comment box at the end.  Or email us at     thulanidogs@gsrnc.org.

Additionally, you can sign up to receive a monthly email showing you the current adoptable senior German Shepherds from The Thulani Program by clicking on Sign Me Up.

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Bronson T.

Lucky West T.

Samson T.

Sara T.

Sunnee T.




  • Lois Rustin (2 years)

    Referred by Randy and Cindy Reed. Life long- 45 years GSD Lover. Want older female. Please contact me 530-472-1581 Thank You
    Lois Rustin

    • Sarah Markey (1 year)

      We have a lovely stray female GSD in our neighborhood and are in the process of capturing her. She is not wild, just afraid, and has become attached to one of my neighbors, bt unfortunately she cannot keep her. I will forward your information to Kara Egley and hope for the best for this beautiful girl. thanks! Sarah

  • Patti Romnes (2 years)

    Hi Bob,

    Mackenzie (now Simon) is doing fabulously! He bonded quickly with me and is another angel in my life. I am moving to Tahoe in a month and am confident he will do well on the half acre yard. His rear-end mobility issues have seemed to recede and he does okay on the stairs. The new house is one level so he won’t have to do stairs anymore, He is thriving and the groomer loves him. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be “his person”. He is still crazy about his ball!

    Patti Romnes

    P.S. Is Rex T. available? I told you I would get another Thulani dog….

  • Patti Romnes (2 years)

    Hi Bob,

    An update from Mackenzie T (now Simon) and T.Rex: both weathered the move to the mountains with aplomb and soon settled in. The very large, fenced yard is still a dream come true for them. After the first snow, they acted like puppies, running around and rolling in the cold white stuff! After two months of snow, Simon still loves to go out back and dig for “rabbits” he thinks live under the white blanket, OCD is still in play….Unfortunately, my sweet, beloved TRex is deteriorating fairly rapidly. He whines a lot, growls at the other dogs and hasn’t wagged his tail in a week…sigh….
    That brings me to my question, how do I take him to the vet here–he needs meds and I’ll not be coming to the Bay Area again. The vet is Dr. Whittely (I think) at Alpine Veterinary . Any help on this will be appreciated.

    It’s wonderful to see the Facebook posts on the Thulani Program. Any info to the general public is great!

    Happy New Year,

    Patti Romnes

  • Patti Romnes (2 years)

    Hi Bob,

    The vet up here is Dr. Kevin Willetts, at Alpine Animal Hospital, 921 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, 96150, Phone is 530 541 4040. Rex is still whining and grumpy with the other dogs–he really is clingy, too…

    Patti Romnes

  • Pat Pearson (1 year)

    I am interested in Noelle a lovely older female german shepherd in the Thulani program.I recently applied for Parker age 7 but no longer see his picture or availability. Look forward to hearing from you regarding Noelle. Adoption question are already filled out.

    • ravikravik (16 years)

      Dear Pat,

      thank you for inquiring about Noelle. I will contact you tomorrow (Sunday, 2/21/16).

      Best regards,
      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

  • Marya Hart (1 year)

    Beatrice (now Sierra) is doing well. She acts like she has always lived here even though it has been only one week. She goes out in the lawn and rolls around on her back like a puppy. Getting up is not too easy but she gets up to follow me and greet guests. She does not use the nice mat you gave her so I will let you have that back for another dog. I do need the steps if you can get them to me before the 11th when my vet will be checking her out. Just found out about the met and greet in Woodside but I will try to get there before 2pm.

  • Marsha Bassett (1 year)

    Hi Bob,
    Ranger just gets better and better, best dog i have ever had and the most loving. He is opening up more and more and is actually playful, he trots off leash on our walks and comes back with just one call. He does get car sick, not sure why, as he loves to go in the car. Thanks again for allowing me to have this wonderful dog.


  • Mari Wentz (1 year)

    Hello, I just submitted an application. Intially I had not considered an older dog. However, now after seeing Bruno’s pic and description I would love to meet him. Please let me know if he’s still available and where I might see him.
    Thanks very much.

    Mari Wentz

    • ravikravik (1 year)

      Hi Mari,
      Thank you for your interest in Thulani dog Bruno. Luckily, Bruno has someone interested in adopting him–just pledged to do it yesterday. We would like to let that play out and keep you informed. The adoption is to take place on June 27. If it falls through, we will let you know right away.

      In the meantime, please check out our other available Thulani dogs (www.thulanidogs.org/available-dogs/). In particular, look at Walker T. He is a wonderful boy who has lots of good life left for him. Just needs the right, loving home.

      We will be back in contact.

      The Thulani Program

  • James Hagler (1 year)

    Hi, My wife and I lost our German Shepherd last year, Winema, which we rescued in Northern California in 2008 and came across Amadeus’s story while looking on the internet. Winema was adopted 8 years ago while we lived in Greagle, CA, She passed away of bone cancer and was level 3 dog with seperation anxiety. Before that we had an elderly shepherd, Chief, who passed away at 13 years of age from a rare blood disease. Chief was a level 3 escape artist we adopted from the NCGSR., however we did not experience this with him once he came to live with us. We briefly had a Belgium Shepherd, Bear, who passed away from a liver issue, before Chief. I also ran the High Sierra Dog Rescue in Portola CA for a period of time in 2008/2009. We have just retired and are looking for another rescue dog with special needs such as Amadeus (German Shepherd) to give a forever home. Amadeus looks interesting and in need. The two biggest questions we have are 1) Is his medical covered as it has been a very, very expensive propostion to adopt an older dogs expecially those with cancer and other diseases. 2. We are moving to Sandpoint, ID to our 2 1/2 acre country ranch next month so would it truly be a rquirement to live in Northern California? We are friends with Mary Brandeau who worked with the NCGSR for many many years and whom we adopted Chief from whom she was fostering. We have looked at the local selter but German Shepherds are hard to come by in Northern Idaho. I would be happy to fill out and application but don’t want to waste anyone’s time if the requirements are written in stone. Please advise.

  • Mary Steele (9 months)

    I’m interested in fostering. We have an 8 year old male German Shepherd that has not been around other dogs. He doesn’t like small dogs at all.
    Please let me know if fostering will work???
    Thank you for all that you do.

    • ravikravik (9 months)

      Hi Mary,

      I would love to talk with you about fostering. Could you call me at 408-718-8491
      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

  • Carol Powers (6 months)

    I am a first-time visitor to your website, and I cannot stop crying. Deep feelings of compassion and love are welling up as I look at these dogs and read their stories. Do I understand rightly that in order to adopt one must live in Northern Calif.? I live in Kansas City, MO. I had two German shepherds, Diva and Mozart, who I had the privilege of living with for 7 years. Then my companion of 38 years and I separated and he took the dogs. It seemed the only solution at the time. If would appear, as I look at your site, that I am still grieving their loss. I would so appreciate hearing about your requirements for adoption. Thank you.

    • ravikravik (6 months)

      Thank you for you moving message. We feel the same way which is why we started Thulani.
      We do not reach as far as Mo, but you might check for similar organizations at The Grey Muzzle Organization GMO.ORG

      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani Program

  • Jerry Lind (6 months)

    My cocker spaniel recently passed away . We were together for almost 15 years and I do miss her a lot. Are there any programs like yours in Washington state? tks Jerry

    • ravikravik (6 months)

      Dear Jerry,

      I am so sorry for yu loss. I am not aware of any, but check with the Grey Muzzle Organization GMO.ORG. They are springing up all over the place.
      Thulani Program

  • Mary Schneider (6 months)

    Please explain the process to adopt for out of state. We are I Ohio.

    • ravikravik (6 months)

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your interested in the Thulani Program and our work. We do not adopt dogs for out of California because of their age and because we require a home visit by one of our volunteers. Please check with the Grey Muzzle Organization for possible groups near you http://www.greymuzzle.org

      Good luck
      The Thulani Program

  • Pati (5 months)

    Hi there, I am new, and was referred to Thulani by one of my GS friends. Two of my friends have had some awesome dogs over the years. I have been thinking about watching for a young female to grow into my place. She brought up the idea of adopting a “ready to wear” dog, as Imdon’t have alit of time and energy required to get a pup trained. I have a 9 yr. Manchester Terrior, standard that I love so much. So, I would need a dog to be safe for him. I just received your update, and I really was liking I Willow. I live to far to get to San Jose Saturday. Anyway, thank you very much. Pati.

    • ravikravik (5 months)

      Hi Pati,
      Thank you for your inquiry regarding Thulani. I would love to talk with you. But first, please go onto the website http://www.gsrnc.org, fill out and submit the online Adoption Questionnaire (http://www.gsrnc.org/adopt_quest.asp)–mention Thulani–it does not commit you to anything, but gives us a lot of information about what kind of dog might be right for you. Then call me at your convenience 408-718-8491.
      Bob Jachens
      Director of Thulani

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