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Want to be a Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) Volunteer?

Here is how to get started…

TSGSR is a group of Volunteers that are focused on rescuing Senior homeless German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) and finding them new “forever” adoptive homes. Since the TSGSR organization is 100% staffed by volunteers your interest in volunteering to join and help us is vital for us to grow and continue to rescue more homeless Shelter-bound GSDs.

Foster Volunteers
There are several categories of volunteer positions.  The one in most need is a Foster Home Volunteer that provides a rescued Thulani Dog with a home until a “forever” adoptive home can be found. This position is of key importance because it expands the number of GSDs that can be rescued. Every new foster home volunteer allows TSGSR to rescue at least one additional dog.  If you would like to consider becoming a TSGSR Foster Home please fill out and submit our Foster Application.

Other Volunteer Possibilities
It takes more than just foster homes to rescue a dog, so as you might imagine there are many other ways a volunteer can help us save GSDs.  The volunteer activities you can be involved with are almost limitless.  Below are a number of frequent volunteer activities that you can consider but the number of possibilities is NOT limited to these…  Please feel free to suggest additional ways you think you could help.  If you want to initially consider becoming a non-foster TSGSR Volunteer please start by filling out and submitting the General Volunteer Application.

  • adoption counseling
  • help with adoption days
  • computer entry
  • creative services
  • dog evaluating
  • dog handling
  • dog walking
  • fundraising
  • home visits
  • marketing
  • merchandise
  • new members coordinator
  • placing dogs in homes
  • education
  • events coordination
  • public relations
  • telephone hotline
  • transporting dogs
  • support services
  • website
  • writing articles
  • other…

Once your application is received we will respond to you either by phone or by email based on your submitted preference.

Thank you for your interest in helping TSGSR!

TSGSR Volunteer Requirements
All TSGSR volunteers must be at least 18 years old, comfortable around large dogs, and not be sensitive to allergic reactions due to being in contact or near dogs. We also require a commitment of at least three hours a month for a minimum of six months.


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