Zane T.

I know that I am beginning to sound like a ‘pre-recorded’ announcement, But Zane T. is the third incredible senior male we have brought into the Thulani Program just since the first of January. Zane’s owner passed away and his daughter could not take Zane to the east coast with her, so Zane came to us. Zane_T_5621

For all you long-coat lovers, this is one spectacular guy.

He is a moderate-sized male with a spectacular personality. He is friendly with people large and small, and friendly with dogs, large and small. He is well trained and has the medals and ribbons to prove it.  He is well bred, and has the papers to prove it.  He is in great physical shape, bounding up and down long flights of stairs with no problem, and loves to go for walks. He also loves to go for rides. Apparently he is also smart and dextrous–the daughter claiming that he opens the patio sliding door and other doors in the house at will.  Zane is a level 2 dog being fostered in the south Bay area.Zane_T_5615

We are looking for a permanent foster home for Zane T., and we may have found one.  As with all Thulani Program dogs, the program will pay all of his expenses for the rest of his natural life.   For more information about Zane T. or the Thulani Program and its dogs in general, please contact Bob at


  • Mary (8 years)

    Very nice looking dog I have 2 dogs & 3 cats,

  • Debra Ivey (7 years)

    You have some great dogs! I am looking for a senior with enough energy to travel in a small van with me and my 15# mutt. It’s a retirement dream of mine….How can I get involved?

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