Xena T.

At 13.5 years Xena’s adult family (mother and grandmother) decided that they could no longer keep Xena and had decided to take her to the vet and have her euthanized.  But the teenage daughter would not let that happen, and she diligently searched for someone to take Xena.  In a round-about way she found the Thulani Program, and Xena will now live out her natural life in a warm and caring environment with Kelly B. in the north Bay region.

Xena is a delightful senior female long coat GSD. This girl has found her forever home.   She is wonderfully spry and mobile, and loves to interact with people.  Xena is very social, and loves to chase (well that might be stretching it a bit) sticks.  She likes other dogs, and likes to explore her surroundings.

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