Woolsey is about one year old and is a great little guy. He is named for his thick wooly puppy coat, which is super soft and cuddly.  Woolsey comes from a great pedigree, but unfortunately he was born with congenital heart problems on both sides of his heart. His diagnosed to only live until he is 3 years old…although he will let us know when he is ready to leave us.

He has all of his ground work done with obedience. He knows how to walk on a leash, sit, lay down, and stay. He is super social with all dogs and people of all ages including strangers, and has been raised by a high level trainer.

Woolsey will live out his natural life in the Thulani Program with foster mom Ginger L., who just happens to be a cardiology nurse, so he is in great hands.  We are all pulling for him to defy the odds.

Woolsey lost his battle with heart disease on 7/1/2012.  Woolsey, you were a fighter–I hope you are in a better place now.

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