Sweetie’s name says it all.  She is a real sweetheart with a gentle loving disposition.  She is 10 yrs old, 65 lbs, and has a beautiful black and tan coat.  She was retired from breeding and is enjoying her golden years in peace and quiet, which is all she really wants from life.  She is good with other dogs but would probably like to be an only dog or with another low energy mellow dog.  Sweetie is great with the cats in her foster home and can be left alone with them.  Her favorite pastime is riding in the car and she runs eagerly to the door when she hears car keys. She loves to go for walks and walks nicely on lead.

Sweetie retired in the Thulani Program, on a small ranch in the southern Santa Cruz Mountains.  She lives with dogs, cats, horses, sheep goats, and chickens.  In fact, when Sweetie first arrived at her forever foster home, she disappeared sometime during the first day.  A panicked foster mom searched all over for her, and finally found her curled up asleep in the chicken coop.  The give-away was that the chickens would not go back in the coop.

Sweetie passed away in 2010.

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