Rusty T.

Sid_T_5600 Rusty T. was a shy boy who did not trust the world very much.  And people were particularly suspect, for reasons we can only guess.  Rusty was a very senior gentleman whose rear end was failing on him.   He had been dumped, and was stuck in a shelter with only grim prospects for his future.

But deep down, Rusty had a personality that attracted people when they got to know him.  In particular, the staff at the shelter were very much in love with him and contacted  the Thulani Program with the hope that we might be able to help.  They admitted that they were not optimistic.

Rusty_T_5602So you can imagine the smiles all around when we said we would bring him into our program and find him a loving home to live out his natural life.  And what a great home we found!

He was only with us for a few days when Patty, who was fostering Rosemary T. inquired about him.  She was looking for a low-energy companion to keep Rosemary company while she was at work.  So off Rusty went to live with Rosemary and Patty.

photo[1]Rusty T. only lived with us for about five weeks before he succumbed to kidney failure.  But ironically, it was long enough for him to befriend Rosemary during her final chapter.  It was almost as if he was meant to live long enough to carry out this final act of mercy.

Rusty and Rosemary are now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge while Patty works through her period of mourning.  We know that, as difficult as it has been emotionally,  Patty will be back helping future Thulani dogs because that is who she is.  And Lady Love, Rosemary, Rusty, and many other dogs will wait patiently to escort Patty over the bridge at some point in the distant future.

Rest in Peace, Rosemary and Rusty

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