Ol’ Red

Ol’ Red is in a safe, warm loving home now, but his journey there was a saga of near-epic proportions—rescue from a terrible life, brushes with death, selfless strangers preventing potential disasters, a trip halfway across the continent, and finally a home in the wine country of California.  While Red’s saga may not rise to the level of Ulysses’ Odyssey, it is a remarkable tale of courage and love about an old red dog from Texas.

Red was rescued with 24 other dogs from horrific conditions, confined to cramped, filthy stalls, with no adequate food.  Collin Co. rescuers put out the call nationwide for help in placing these dogs, and eventually placed all but one—Ol’ Red.  He was heartworm positive and had a huge malignant oral tumor.  PTS was the vet decision but Red’s advocates would not give up, and found a veterinarian who would remove the tumor, significantly increasing his quality of life although not curing him.  Simultaneously, rescuers nationwide began work to find Red a home.

We learned of Red from a Montana rescuer via the Grey Muzzle Organization in NC.  We have a hospice program for dogs with terminal illnesses and only limited life expectancy.  Red fit our program so Roads of Hope arranged a ride with a man traveling from Mississippi.

Red’s new mom reports that he appears happy and well adjusted, and he is learning to play with toys, her other dog, and her kittens.  Great news since he acted like he never played before.  “I don’t think anyone would even suspect what kind of nightmare life he used to have.  So, I think that when he begins to become symptomatic, he will finally know he is loved and cared for.”

Red’s remaining time will be the best he has ever had–all made possible by a dozen caring people taking time out of their lives to help this wonderful boy, even though most never even met him.

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