Moxie T truly lives up to his name (def: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage).

He was surrendered to the shelter by his owners; they said they couldn’t afford him.  He is a very nice boy, and we’re happy to be able to help him.

Mox loves to go for 5-10 minute walks outdoors.  He thoroughly explores everything with his eyes, nose and ears.  He is interested in everything. He perks up and smiles when he hears his name.  If far from his human, and he is called, you can see him say, “hold on, I’m comin!”

Moxie has a problem with his rear end; it could be paralysis, or hip pain, but that does not stop this old guy.  He has learned how to pace himself and how to thoroughly enjoy his walks.  As the minutes tick away on his walks, he loses strength, but he’s still smiling.  He walks to the door when he’s ready to go in, and he heads to his big fulffy bed in his crate.

He is great with other dogs that understand he can’t play.  He perks up when he sees another dog; he wags and sniffs, and he has made a friend.  And he loves his three-month old sister, who seems to understand that Moxie is nice but can’t play like some of her other friend. He goes nose to nose with the resident cats and there have been no issues.

Moxie currently is in one of the best homes any dog could hope for, and he seems to know it.

Thanks, Moxie, we are honored to have such a great dog in our program.

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