Mazenda is a distinguished senior gentleman who loves life and is living it to its fullest.  He is an 8+ year old male German Shepherd who was picked up as a stray by San Jose ACC and offered to us.

He is alert, happy, and affectionate.  He appears to be house trained and he is polite.  He loves to go for walks (pulls a bit on the lead) and absolutely loves to explore new territory.  He appears to be fine with dogs big and small.

Given all of the above traits, it is a bit surprising to realize that Mazenda has some serious health problems.  He has a sunken eye that is not useable.  It is an old wound that requires no treatment.  And he has serious problems with his rear end.  He has a spinal disorder affecting at least two vertebrae, and he has severe hip dysplasia.  All of these issues would get a lesser dog down, but Mazenda either doesn’t realize that he has them or will not admit to them in terms of slowing him down.  As far as we can tell, his quality of life is just fine, and so we feel we owe it to him to find him a home in which he can live out his life in comfort and a loving environment.

Mazenda is now living in permanent foster care with a volunteer with the Thulani Hospice Program and will remain in his new home until the end of his days.

Mazenda lost his struggle with hip dysplasia on 12/5/11 after nearly 8 months of the good life.

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