Koby T.

Koby T was someone’s pet.  He is neutered and chipped, and is a happy, active, energetic 12 year old.  He was dumped at the shelter with a request to PTS, but Thulani Program friend and stalwart, Karen B. in the LA basin found him at the East Valley shelter and evaluated him.  Don’t know how much evaluating was done because once a big old male gives Karen his paw, she melts like butter on a Los Angles August afternoon.  So Koby was bailed out and sent to the vet because he has a terrible case of diarrhea (diagnosed as IBD).  He also has the early stages of DM.  But that does not slow Koby down one bit.  He pulls me all over the yard, wanting to explore.  He loves to go for car rides, and he loves to be snuggled.  He is quite pushy about asking to be snuggled.  Koby also is enjoying his new life in Aroma, with lots of domestic and wild critters to yell at.

Koby T

Koby also got his bath today (he will likely need at least two more before he is civilized) and he was a saint.  Stood there and took it all without complaint.  We got so much crap off him (literally) that he probably weighs 5 lbs less now.  But he was as gentle and polite as you could hope for.  Koby is here to stay, at least until we can find him his perfect permanent foster home.

Koby T.

Because Koby’s intestinal distress was not clearing up, on 7/24/12 we took him to the vet, and the awful discovery was made that he had a huge colo-rectal tumor that was blocking his colon and almost cutting off is urinary tract.  He was in extreme discomfort, and the tumor was not treatable, so Koby died in our arms, among people who loved him.  Fare the well, Koby.

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