George T

George T was a lost soul at the City of Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  He seemed to have difficulty walking and they had to bring him in on a cart.  He was old, overweight, full of lumps and bumps, and not adoptable.  A dedicated Rescue volunteer, Karen Barnes, promised him she would try to help him although she did not have much hope.  A colleague of hers told her about the Thulani Program and she contacted us to find out whether he might be a candidate.  His personality was perfect, so she drove him all the way from the LA basin to my home in Aromas.  When Karen arrived with George, she seemed depressed and told us she had cried all the way up worrying about George’s future.  We put her mind at ease with assurances that George would be well taken care of for the rest of his life, and in her mind the deal was cinched when George gave me his paw repeatedly, and looked me straight in the eye.  George is now in his fantastic permanent foster home with Brigitte Donner, a long-time Rescue expert who now has fostered four Thulani dogs.  Welcome George, and rest easy.  You are in great hands now.

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