Daniella T

Daniella was picked up as a stray by Monterey Co Animal Services, after being dumped and left to starve out in cattle country east of Salinas.  We were contacted both by the very caring staff at the shelter, and by Carie Broeker of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.  It is terrific that lovely Daniella had many strong advocates before she even encountered us.   She is about 12 years old and has all the ‘Shepherd Moves’, a true credit to the breed.  She is friendly but aloof, is curious about the world around her, loves to go for walks (although she is a bit stiff), and is great with other dogs.  And almost best of all, she always has a smile on her face (just look at these pictures!).  She passed her eval without a hitch.

Daniella has a number of minor and major medical issues, but still has some quality life ahead of her, and she is a fighter.  Her most challenging issue is that she has a huge, necrotic mammary tumor.  We have not biopsied it, but it has been diagnosed as one of the most aggressive types of mammary cancer.

Daniella, her love name is Ella, had a very rough first night with her foster family, but woke up the next day after a long deep sleep to some very serious ball games.   We wonder whether in her day she was a working dog.  She now has settled into her forever home in the Thulani Program.  She will be loved and looked after for as long as she will give us.

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