California Princess


Let me introduce myself—my full name is California Princess, but my friends simply call me Princess, and I am about 10 years old.  First, I want to tell you all how happy I am to be in German Shepherd Rescue, but it was not easy getting here.  I don’t want to talk about, or even remember, how I lived not too long ago, but my luck really changed about 3 months ago.  It was then that Brian and his wonderful family found me beside the road, so hungry and sick that I could barely move.  They took me home, made me a warm bed, and started feeding me such wonderful food that you wouldn’t believe it (see a picture of me with the family below).  They also took me to a doctor who gave me some medicines that made me feel a lot better.

Brian’s other dogs (two very small, noisy ones and one about my size) and their cat welcomed me into their home–they are nice and we get along fine—but I really prefer to be with my humans.  Speaking of humans, there are two very small ones in Brian’s house, they like to hug me and pull on my ears and tail, and I am fine with that.

It is too bad, but Brian can only have three dogs in his house, and the others were there first, so Brian contacted German Shepherd Rescue who will find me another wonderful home.  I will miss them, but I am looking forward to meeting my new family very soon.

Being 10 years old, I am a little stiff when I walk (aren’t we all?), but aside for some stupid skin allergy, the doctor says I am healthy. I am house-trained and sleep through the night on my pad.  I love to eat, really like to go on walks (but I need to build up my muscle mass and tone because I have not been getting much exercise), and just love to hang around where my people are.  I will follow my people all over the house and yard just to be with them.  I just can’t wait to be someone’s very special companion.

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