Angelica was picked up as a stray by the Martinez Animal Shelter and not reclaimed. She was 12 years old and suffering from advanced DM, degenerative myelopathy. This was likely the reason she had been discarded by her owners. She was scheduled to be euthanized when a GSRNC volunteer saw her and told the shelter she was a candidate for the Thulani Program. Within just a few days, this alert, bright-eyed, affectionate old girl was safe in Sheila Flodberg’s home. Angie fit right in with Sheila’s menagerie of rescued cats and dogs, participating in all the local activities and refusing to be left behind. She also learned how to swim in the hydrotherapy tank. Angie inevitably succumbed to the DM, but Sheila made sure that her final chapter was as good as it gets.

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