Hi all you Thulani supporters,

Here is a little historical piece about bringing in our Thulani ‘poster’ dog Holly, from a number of years ago.  Read below and enjoy.


Just wanted to give you an update on some exciting news.

We will be bringing in our newest Thulani dog on Tuesday (1/3/12). Her
name is Holly and she will come from the San Luis Obispo Animal Shelter.

She is an 11-12 yr old female that was picked up as a stray on Christmas Eve, thin,
neglected, but in relatively good and spunky shape.

The exciting news is that Denise Dipaola is going to direct the filming and
creation of a video documenting the entire process from pickup to Holly’s
arrival at the new foster home. Denise is a professional videagrapher and a
long-term member who has created a number of videos for GSRNC, including the
extremely moving one that was shown at the last Gala. And she just adopted
one of the “the three stooges” puppies.

We will begin filming on the way down to pick up Holly on Tuesday morning,
and will continue intermittently for two days.

We will keep you informed of the progress, but for now—exciting times for the Thulani Program.

All the best,




This is about as good an update as we could have dreamed of.  After a question as to whether she wold live through the first night, Holly is stil going strong, sharing her time between her tree-studded home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and her beach place at Pebble Beach.

And the spectacular video documenting her rescue was completed and can be found under this pull-down tab a “Saving Holly: A Thulani Story”.  Get a glass of wine and enjoy Holly’s story.


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