Most of the German Shepherds we bring into the Thulani Program originate in Animal Shelters throughout our area of responsibility.  In order to reach these dogs in time to save them, the proactive cooperation of the shelters is absolutely essential.  We can honestly say that the shelters we have dealt with so far have been wonderful and obviously filled with very caring staff.  A few of them stand out as being exceptionally diligent in working with us, and we would like to acknowledge them here.

City of Oakland Animal Shelter
Oakland, CA

City of Salinas Animal Shelter
Salinas, CA
Staff:  Rayne, Cindy

Monterey County Animal Services
Salinas, CA
Staff:  Barbara, Barbara, Patty, Joanie

San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Francisco, CA
Staff:  Eric, Orlando, Mara, Martha, Linda, Nakisha, Jay, Michael

San Jose AnimalCare Center
San Jose, CA
Staff:  Staycee, Kelly, Ameena, Monte, Hillary

Santa Cruz Animal Services
Santa Cruz, CA
Staff:  Jenny

South County Animal Shelter
San Martin, CA
Staff:  Brigid

Tri-City Animal Shelter
Fremont, CA
Staff: Jennifer, Linda

Yolo County Animal Shelter
Woodland, CA
Staff: Angela,


  • Valeska Gallagher (3 years)

    I am looking for a medium sized (anything under 60 lbs) to rescue. I would prefer that it be anywhere from 4 yrs. old on up to a senior. The last dog I rescued when she was 4 yrs. old, was an abused female black lab mix named “Gracie” . Two weeks ago I had to put her to sleep at 17 yrs. of age.
    I live in Angels Camp, CA approx 55 miles NE of Stockton in the Mother Lode Foothills. I rent a house with a fenced in yard with a 77 yr old lady who owns a very sweet and gentle 10-11 yr old female long hair GS mix. Her name is “Lovey” and she is not an alpha. She loves everyone, all dogs and even cats, though we do not own cats. The neighbors cats come in our yard and Lovey and my old girl never reacted. However, the dogs I rescue do not have to like cats, as I am allergic to them and will never own one.
    Because of shedding I do not want to adopt a long hair shepherd. Our dogs sleep with us in our separate beds, but if a dog I get is crate trained and prefers that then I will accommodate that as well. My dogs are my life and my priority. I never want to be away from them. I am with my dog almost all of the time. The only time I leave my furry friend at home is in the summer heat when I have to go to the grocery store, a doctor appt. and to Church. In mild weather I bring my dog with me every where.
    I have a Subaru Outback and keep the back designated for my friend. I have a memory foam mattress back there with pillows and clean blankets and sheets, a water bowel and always carry food with me in case we are still out at feeding time. When I travel to the coast for a vacation we both sleep in the back of the Subaru! I am retired and disabled with chronic pain, but I do walk and take my dog to the park for exercise. I discovered that my pain is less when I have my own dog so it is a must for me to always have a dog. I also must always have a dog because I love them so much and they are the best companions. I am Widowed, with two grown sons who live and work in So. Calif. I will be 58 in November and have no family left other than my sons who lead their own busy lives.
    I feed my dogs Science Diet, maintain a healthy weight, provide toys and play catch if that is what they like. Once they are 7 yrs and older I give them Senior Vitamins and Glucosamine-Chondritin. I wash my dog every night after dinner with a warm wash cloth beginning with the face and ears working my way down to the feet and tail. I began doing this after observing that when there are two or more dogs together they groom each other and since I am their pack leader I began to groom them in this way. My last girl, Gracie loved it and in return she would groom me back by either licking my leg or arm! I do live on a limited income so if the dog you have for me requires expensive ongoing medical care I would need to make sure it is something I could afford first.
    If you need a reference for what type of person and dog owner I am I will be happy to give you the name and phone number of my Vet. I hope that you will consider me for one of your dogs that need a calm and loving owner and home.
    Thank you,
    Valeska Gallagher

  • Jenifer Recinos (1 year)

    We ar elooking to rehome an eldery stray Shepard we have been caring for. The dog is estimated to be between 7-9 years old, we have been calling him Balto, he is male and very large. About 91 LBS.
    Balto found his way into our backyard back in December, we had him scanned for a microchip and none have been found.
    We cannot keep him inside because of landlord, and living in the desert it is unsafe to keep him outside all the time. Also, do to his reaction to other dogs next door we have to keep him on a long tie so that he doesn’t run to the fence and bark and snap at the neighbors dogs.
    The dog is not neutered, We just got him to feel comfortable in our car so we finally took him to the vet to get his shots updated (Except rattlesnake.) and no he is not microchipped or tattooed.
    He does not like dogs that bark at him, he gets very defensive and territorial. He doesn’t like people coming to our yard, but at the park or at the vet he comes up to everyone. He has not been around babies or children since we’ve had him. And he gets curious when our cats look out the window, but we don’t chance letting them get too close just in case.
    He is an outside dog, not house broken. He doesn’t really care where he is he just goes when ever, the vet said that he may do that just because he may have been an outside dog his whole life before he showed up at our house and so he never had to be told when he can and cannot go.
    He knows how to sit when you tell him, and he is getting better at walking on the leash. He likes to try to lead you, but we are working on that. His main problem right now is digging. He turned our backyard into a construction zone, but since we moved him out front to grass he has not dug as much. And he does not jump fences at all. Doesn’t even jump on you or go on his hind legs at all because of possible arthritis or hip displacement. He is on joint supplements from the vet to help the possible arthritis.
    He is very loveable and sweet once he gets comfortable with you, in the time that we’ve had him he has gone from a shy whimpering fail skinny dog to an overly attached loving dog that barks even at a leaf floating in the wind. We hate that we have to get rid of him but he needs a better home where he doesn’t need to be tied up and can come inside when it is cold or extremely hot, which in boron then it gets ridiculously hot and dry in the summer time, it just isn’t safe for a white shephard to be out in the heat like that.

    I really hope you can help us out, or at least push us in the right direction.

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