During our initial phase of the Thulani Program, we were extremely fortunate in receiving generous donations from a number of caring contributors, including substantial support from the Grey Muzzle Organization.

These allowed us to satisfy all necessary food, medical, and physical requirements of the modest number of dogs that had been brought into the Thulani Program.  But in 2012 we launched an aggressive, focused effort to greatly expand the region from which we bring dogs into the Thulani Program.

In the past we have concentrated on the shelters in the greater San Francisco Bay region, but as of the end of 2012 we accepted qualifying dogs from all of California and Nevada as resources would permit.  We projected that the annual number of dogs wold likely triple once the expansion was in place, and we have now stabilized at a level of bringing in 40-50 new dogs each year.

As a result, we need a lot more money than we have needed in the past in order to maintain our operations and satisfy the huge need for our services.

If you are sympathetic to the goals of the Thulani Program and have the wherewithal to do so, please consider making a contribution to the Thulani Program Fund by going to


  • nora chung (5 years)

    The “donate” link above does not work for me

  • ravikravik (5 years)

    I’m sorry the link is a problem, Nora. We will be in contact with you shortly to try to sort out the problem.

    Bob Jachens
    Coordinator, The Thulani Program

  • Kathy Kramer (4 years)

    I was honoring a pledge that I made but, there wasn’t a place to put the dog’s name in. The dog’s name was SHAGGY.

    • ravikravik (4 years)

      Dear Kathy, Thank you very much for your donation to Shaggy and his welfare. We will make very good use of your generous contribution.

  • Maranatha Mark (3 years)

    Bless you guys for all your work and especially for rescuing elderly dogs!

  • Lisa (3 years)

    are you a 501c3 organization?

    • ravikravik (3 years)

      yes, as a sub program within German Shepherd Rescue of NOrthern California

  • Kathryn Preast (2 years)

    A couple of days ago I set recurring payments of $5.00 to go to your fund but after reading all the info I found out I should have made sure you knew it was for the Thuilani fund…can you fix that for me…the $5.00 is being processed now thru PayPal…let me know or I can cancel future donations and make sure I state somewhere Thuilani fund.


    • ravikravik (2 years)

      Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you so much for your commitment to the Thulani Program, and thank you for letting me know. I will notify our treasurer of your intent. You will not need to do anything else.

      Director of Thulani

  • Molly Donlan Stevens (2 years)

    You should put your PayPal donation information front and center on your Facebook page, so folks can easily and quickly donate to the program. I have had to take time to SEARCH for the right info to plug into the PayPal send money feature, in order to donate to you. Make it more simple!

  • Andries Wagenaar (1 year)

    Hello, the donate button is not working for me. Can you forward me information so I can just mail you a check?
    Thank You!
    Andries Wagenaar

    • ravikravik (1 year)

      Hi Andy,

      If you want to send a check, make it payable to GSRNC/Thulani and send it to
      PO Box 1930
      Cupertino, CA 95015

      Thank you very much–the dogs are the big winners.

      Bob Jachens

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