Senior German Shepherd Rescue

The Thulani Program is a rescue program for German shepherd dogs with only a limited life expectancy, and as such, we rescue dogs of all ages.  But the vast majority of the dogs we rescue are ‘very’ senior German Shepherds, generally 10 years old or older.  These are the dogs that have virtually no chance of being adopted from shelters, and are very difficult to place by private parties needing to rehome their treasured companions.  We started this program because of the huge need for helping these most vulnerable dogs.



Check out our full Thulani website and our  Thulani facebook page for more information about us and the dogs we help.


  • Linda Sell (2 years)

    A volunteer, Stephanie, that works with out shelter, Manteca Animal Shelter, has a 7 year old German Shepherd that she can no longer keep because her neighbors continually set of fireworks of some sort and that scares Rex, the GS, to death. Plus, Rex has an eye issue that he is on medication for so that he doesn’t go blind. The cost of the medicine is $75.00 per month. Rex weighs 125 pounds and he lives with a 35 pound dog.
    Can your organization help with him?
    Our phone number here at the shelter is (209) 456-8270
    Thank you!
    Linda Sell (Manteca Animal Shelter)

  • Robin Murray (4 months)

    Where is this located ?

    • ravikravik (4 months)

      Thulani is centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we service all of California

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