Hawkeye Sr. is a 13-year old retired drug-sniffing dog whose owner’s medical difficulties made it impossible for him to continue to care for Hawkeye. This aging GSD is still an incredible dog; he loves people, gets along well with other dogs, is very social, and is fixated on his ball or kong. Hawkeye Sr. is partially blind but is also very spry for his age and is still quite athletic.

To quote his foster mom “Hawk is the epitome of ‘young at heart’. He loves to go for walks and take a swim. He is often seen around the house carrying his favorite kong or a toy that he has de-stuffed. He appreciates having free access to the outdoors during the day and has a knack for finding comfy shaded spots in which to take a snooze. Hawk gets along nicely with other dogs and is living nicely with two dog savvy cats. His eyesight isn’t what it used to be so care has to be taken when playing with toys or when carrying objects that look like toys because hands can easily get caught in the way.

Hawk loves all people and is very happy to pal around with just about anyone, though he has a particular fondness for men. Hawkeye Sr. had a great working life, giving his all to society. Now it is our chance to give back to him, by making the rest of his life everything a dog could dream of.