Is this a great smile, or what

Is this a great smile, or what

Sammy is a loveable, very slow-moving senior GSD who still has plenty of love and companionship to offer the right person or family.  He clearly enjoys human company and will follow his person from place to place – if he is awake.  Like most seniors, Sammy sleeps a lot, and he does have some special needs :

  • Sammy_Oct 30Sammy requires pain medication (pill form) throughout the day, accompanied by small meals to help keep his stomach calm.  Someone would need to be home to give him his mid-day meds/meal.
  • With his very low activity level Sammy does not need, nor consume, a large amount of food.  Generally 3 to 3-1/2 cups spread across the day with his meds is sufficient.  Because his teeth are worn and aged, chewing hard kibble is not easy for this old boy.  He should be fed a good quality (mild formula, such as: turkey, lamb, etc.) soft canned food (about 2 to 2-1/2 cans per day), or something like The Honest Kitchen’s KEEN formula, with the occasional addition of some cooked white rice or boiled ground meat (turkey, beef, chicken).
  • Carpeted flooring is a must, as he cannot walk on slick surfaces without falling.  He will try but too easily slips and falls, and then needs help to get back on his feet –  none of it good for his arthritic joints.   He currently walks across sections of laminate flooring by stepping on a pathway of non-skid rugs, and is blocked from accessing a larger room that has slick flooring.
  • Steps and ramps are too much for him to navigate without assistance.  He would do best in a home that has a direct across-the-threshold access to a patio or yard area where he can do his potty business or snooze in the shady grass.
  • Sammy gets along fine with cats – he notices them but is not interested.  His 17-year-old foster cat frequently approaches and rubs noses with him, and there has been no negative reaction at all.
  • Older and/or calm dogs are also fine.  Sammy is too old and arthritic to play with other dogs, but he is comfortable in their presence.   But he does not like to be jostled or cornered – he is clearly not comfortable in close confines with other dogs – that may be due to his mobility issues and pain.  Sammy will tell the other dogs they are too close, firmly but not aggressively.   If the other dog(s) respects that and gives Sammy space there will be no problems.
  • Sammy loves car rides (calm rides, not Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride), but needs to be lifted in and out of the vehicle; he does not use a crate (in the car or in the house), as it would be too difficult to get him in/out of one.


Although Sammy has special needs, they are not difficult to fulfill.  His person just needs to be attentive to him, have a plan to give him is meds/meals on a reasonable schedule, be aware when he is moving about to assist him if he stumbles, and be willing to scratch his neck  – frequently.


Sammy T. is part of the Thulani Hospice Program of German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California.  As such, all of his medical expenses will be covered by the Thulani Program for the rest of his life.  For more information about Sammy T. or if you might consider providing him a home in which to live out his natural life, please contact Bob at