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Jack T. Has Definitely Found His Home

Where's that boiled chicken?

Where’s that boiled chicken?

We wanted to let you know that Jack is doing superbly. He maneuvers around the house and now also the yard with the greatest of ease. Because of his severe arthritis, Robert put up a 6-foot ramp (with a minimal grade) on the brick walk going to the wooden deck, so now Jack doesn't have to use the two front steps. This gives him a more relaxed ability to come and go from the house to the outside. And because of his blindness, we draped quilts around the coffee tables and the pool table, so if and when he does bump his nose or head, it's not going to hurt as much now that it's padded. 

The other day while we were sitting in the living room with the windows open, he heard our next door neighbor making noise near the fence so he lifted his head and woofed at her. It was a quiet, non-threatening subdued woof, but both Robert and I looked at each other to see the other's reaction, because this was the first time we'd heard him and we started to laugh just like new parents hearing their baby saying "Dada" or "Mama" for the first time. Yes, we are being silly, but we are having so much fun with Jack and proud of his efforts to acclimate into our home. He sleeps thru the night, he's eating well, he shows us he is happy and has been no trouble at all.
Life is good!

Life is good!

We took Jack to our daughter's home in Martinez last weekend to visit and meet the family. They have an 11 year old dog too, and her name is Daisy. The two dogs truly enjoyed each other's company, and it was at their house that we discovered just how much Jack preferred the Nutro Diet Dogfood for Seniors, because he was eating Daisy's dogfood. At first we thought he was doing it to piss off Daisy, so when we got home we served him some of the Nutro Diet Dogfood that we had leftover from our previous dog, and Jack really does like it. He likes it so much so he eats this brand of dogfood without it requiring doctoring up with chicken broth. He's still getting his special chicken bits that I cook up for him, and we still give him the broth mixed with the Kirkland Dry Dogfood for breakfast. Yes, we are spoiling him, but he gives us so much love and joy, we can't help ourselves.


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