Blanche T. is an energetic, petite German Shepherd mix that the shelter says is more than 13 years old. She does not look that old, and she definitely does not act that old. Blanche has a great smile that she uses often and to good effect. She appears to be housetrained. She rides well in the car. She was dumped at a southern California shelter, presumably because she was too old.

It is great to be out of there

It is great to be out of there

Blanche is a bit confused in her attitude toward people. When you approach her kennel run, she happily bounces around, plays with her food bowl, wags her tail furiously, and barks excitedly. But when you get within about ten feet of her, she sometimes dashes to the back of the run. She is doing that less and less as she settles in. She seems to be a bit more wary of men than women, but again, she is getting better with time.

One of our volunteers who is very good with ‘worried’ dogs spent some tine with her and here is what she had to say:

Does this look like a worried dog?

Does this look like a worried dog?

Did you ever meet a dog and instantly know that inside what appeared to be a much less than perfect dog was a diamond in the rough?

Well I had the honor to meet a diamond today. Her name is Blanche. Blanche can be described by some as a “fraidy dog”, but Blanche is perfect.

At first Blanche seems happy to see you approach, but then as you get closer she backs up and seems afraid.

I spent time with Blanche in her kennel and within an hour she was leaning on me, soaking up ear rubs and neck skritches and allowing gentle back massages.

Blanche_sit40396She wasn’t comfortable with my sunglasses at first, but before I left, she let me put them on her. The times you wish you had a camera.

So Blanche needs just the right home.

Blanche needs a quiet home with a gentle energy so this diamond in the rough can truly show all her sparkling facets.