OK--This is my spot

OK–This is my spot

Rosie Lynn T. (AKA Dr Ruth) joined us just a few days ago, and already she is happily ensconced in her new home in San Francisco. ¬† This little girl from rural roots is learning about the Big City from a great teacher–Kathleen G. ¬†From day one, Rosie Lynn T. was a focused dog, but now she is not only focussing on her new home, but on a very specific part of her new home–THE KITCHEN.


Dr Ruth loves the kitchen

Dr Ruth loves the kitchen

Greetings from food-central--They have it all in this room!

Greetings from food-central–They have it all in this room!

Enjoy the ‘settling in’ pictures from her new mom, along with the very focussed captions.

What I love about you--your refrigerator is really fine.

What I love about you–your refrigerator is really fine.

Thanks to the Sac-Yolo Team that leaped into instantaneous action when Rosie was in danger, but pulled her in the nick of time, fostered her so we got to know who she is, and then passed her on to her new and forever life.