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Chance And The Vols: They Rock



Chance was not doing well—living on the street, scrambling for enough food to stay alive.  People and cars streamed by not even acknowledging his pitiful existence.  This was at the end of 2013, and little did Chance know that it was about to become a truly Happy New Year.   Life started to get better when Chance was picked up and brought to the West LA Shelter, so scared that he had to be carried.

The shelter staff and volunteers immediately began to tend to his needs—ear infection, abscess, malnutrition, fear.  His personality made him a shelter favorite, and everyone began to work to insure a wonderful future for him.

ChanceShelterFlyer-pg1ChanceShelterFlyer-pg2He really brought out the creative juices of his friends—take a look at the fantastic flyer his friends created.

1026191_10202499816130031_937915879_oThe publicity effort caught the attention of Karen, the Thulani Program volunteer in the LA basin, and Chance was welcomed into our program.  He will be coming north shortly, and we will find him a forever home in which he can live out his natural life in warmth and comfort, never again having worry about what to eat or where to sleep.  All because of a rock (ing) group—Chance and the Vols.

Rosie Lynn T.: Safely in Her New Forever Home

OK--This is my spot

OK–This is my spot

Rosie Lynn T. (AKA Dr Ruth) joined us just a few days ago, and already she is happily ensconced in her new home in San Francisco.   This little girl from rural roots is learning about the Big City from a great teacher–Kathleen G.  From day one, Rosie Lynn T. was a focused dog, but now she is not only focussing on her new home, but on a very specific part of her new home–THE KITCHEN.


Dr Ruth loves the kitchen

Dr Ruth loves the kitchen

Greetings from food-central--They have it all in this room!

Greetings from food-central–They have it all in this room!

Enjoy the ‘settling in’ pictures from her new mom, along with the very focussed captions.

What I love about you--your refrigerator is really fine.

What I love about you–your refrigerator is really fine.

Thanks to the Sac-Yolo Team that leaped into instantaneous action when Rosie was in danger, but pulled her in the nick of time, fostered her so we got to know who she is, and then passed her on to her new and forever life.

Old Dogs Rule


Old age and treachery will trump youth and exuberance every time.  Check out 15 year old Thulani dog Sherman T. and his young whipper-snapper brother Woody.


Miss Frances T: A Very Special Doggie Dawg


Frances T. epitomized all the good things and all the bittersweet things that characterize the Thulani Program.  Frances came into the program following mammary surgery, although the cancer had already spread.  She came in determined to make the most of the extra time Thulani was giving her.  She came in with energy, attitude, and ready to live life on her terms.  Her personality was a beautiful match for her foster mom, Kathleen.  This dynamic duo made history all over San Francisco.

Inevitably, Frances T. lost her fight with mammary cancer this week.  But she took advantage of every minute of quality life Kathleen offered her.  This is what the Thulani Program exists for.

Please read below about some of the adventures of Kathleen and Frances T. (Doggie Dawg).



OK, let's go!

OK, let’s go!

Doggie Dawg, AKA Frances T., agenda was  “Let’s go.” The consummate escape artist, she never would leave my side except for sighting  of  CAT. She knew how to open doors, drive cars, fly planes, take buses to find CAT.

The first time I left Frances T (Doggie Dawg) loose home alone — minutes after I left the house, The neighbors calledScared.
 “A big German shepherd hanging half out your window barking non stop,” was the report.
“we are afraid she might jump out the window and attack us”.
She was asking everyone who walked by for directions on how to get me back.
“Where is that lady with the kibble, she drove my mobile den away!” over and over again in a determined staccato mezzo bark.
It worked. I came right back. 


Smart dog.  She did look super cute when I pulled up– Her front paws on the bay window with the now busted wooden blinds behind her a backdrop .  The jagged edges added  soupcon of dangerous excitement  to the scene.  Clearly not her first time at the Rodeo. 

 And I did not have to lock the front door of my home any longer. Mission accomplished.  Good dog!
dog and tree_cropWe spent our mornings smelling trees on Strawberry Hill , at Stowe Lake. There we met a nice German woman told us after the Berlin wall went up most GSD’s in East Germany looked very much like Doggie Dawg.
The consummate escape artist, she wiggled her ways out of locked crates. SUVS, locked dog kennels with roofs,  my tiny car and several houses.
 She may have been a wheel man before she got me. Where she hid those tiny keys I’ll never know.

Frances-wondering_cropAn all too brief affair with a sneaky stealthy snoopy dog who hijacked my heart.

What a whirlwind.  Must get more gorilla glue. 
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