June T.

June T.

June T. is a senior female who is very calm and very gentle. She came to us from the Los Angeles Co Baldwin Park Shelter, where she had been surrendered by her owners.

June rides well in the car (she will try to ride ‘shotgun’ if you let her, but also will ride quietly in the back), and loves to go for short walks. She has a good appetite, and likes her treats. She gets along beautifully with other dogs.

June is quite skinny, and needs to put on both weight and muscle mass. She has some difficulty walking–her rear end is quite stiff. We will know more about her after her vet visit.

June is healthy except for a weak rear-end. She is doing very well on Rimadyl.

June had found her forever foster home, but it turned out that the rambunctious young male was just too much for her in her golden years. But June continues to be a very lucky girl.  She found a second home and is happily living in Aptos, getting her share of beach time and warm house time.