King T  traveling to his new home

King T traveling to his new home

King T. lives up to his name. I don’t know if he is a ‘King’ Shepherd, but he is a very large, handsome, loveable boy who just wants your attention. He is people and dog friendly, wants to please, rides well in the car, and likes to go for walks. He likely was an outside dog, but is housetrained.

King T. seems to be very healthy for a senior.  He does favor his left front foot at times, but seems to ‘walk it off’ as he moves around. We will look into what is causing this.

At home

At home

For all of his size, King is a gentle giant and very affectionate. He is in the Thulani Program because of his age. He will make someone a great family companion.

King needs a special home in which to live out his life in comfort and love.  If you might be interested in providing King a loving home for whatever time he has left, we will cover all expenses. Please contact Bob at