Saturday brought us much emotional sadness, as the time had come to say goodbye to our Mr Moxie, a much loved member of our pack. Mox came to us via JJ and Bob through the Thulani Program last summer.

Moxie sit He very quickly became the “Constable” of the Fun Police. While he may have been 13 years old, he was very much in control of the other dogs (well, maybe except for his younger female foster sibling). He always tried to keep everyone in line, even when he had a hard time getting up to walk.  Even though he tired easily, he enjoyed his short walks and really did stop from time to time just to enjoy his surroundings. Everything, no matter how small, caught his attention. From his first day in our home, he always slept in our bedroom, right next to the bed on a cushy rug, but then decided to claim the big dog bed for himself.  At the sound of the alarm, he never missed getting up to say good morning.  While the grandpa of the pack, he never could resist a happy, playful time with a toy or ball.  He was such a happy, go lucky boy.  Sadly, his condition slowly deteriorated over the last few months, and it became more and more difficult for him to walk. This past week, we both knew that the end was near.  Although he lost his appetite, and could no longer walk without assistance, he maintained a “regal” composure. He weakened with each passing day, but still lifted his head to acknowledge our presence and give a kiss. As difficult as this decision was, both Bob & I were present to help him move into another time where he is most likely romping with other doggie friends that have passed before him, free of the disease that he succumbed to. He was one amazing dog that will live in our hearts forever.

Moxie #2We love you Mr Moxie, and are so grateful for the love and lessons you taught, and thank you for choosing to be with us during your final days.

You will always be in my thoughts,

Your foster mom, PJ