It is with a very heavy heart that I report that Otto (AKA Solo T) has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to await his foster parents Colby and Jim.  We don’t know a lot about Otto’s life prior to coming into the Thulani Program, but we can infer that much of it was not pleasant.  But Otto relished his new life, first with Bob and Karen and their 5-pack of fur-faces, and then with Colby and Jim where he had his people all to himself, had the beaches of the Mendocino Coast to explore, and all the critters at Sea Ranch to investigate and harass.  Otto fit in well and his final chapter was all a dog could hope for.

I will leave Otto’s eulogy to the marvelous photo essay that Colby and Jim assembled.  Please help us celebrate Otto’s final chapter.


This next sequence of pictures chronicles an adventure in which Otto decided to chase a fox, ended up in a steep creek bed, and had to be rescued by the Gualala rescue team. From top to bottom–stuck in creek, hauled out, checked for injuries. Foster mom reports that Otto had a great nap while mom washed the mud off everything.