that he has fallen into the good life.

Where are these people I’m supposed to meet?

Shadow T. is a badly neglected, elderly German Shepherd mix that was pulled from the San Jose Animal Care Center into the Thulani Program.  Shadow is a classic ‘Jachens’ Shepherd, which means that he is a large dog with erect ears and a bomb-proof friendly personality and that once at least shook hands (paws?) with a German Shepherd.

I named him Shadow, but with hindsight, I should have named him Wags.  His tail is always going, whether he is meeting another dog, or most importantly, a new person.  Shadow has friends he has met, and a whole sea of friends he has yet to meet.  Shadow’s tail is so active that he could contract out as a house fan, except he has no hair on his tail at the moment.  But we are working on that.

Will you be my friend?

Yesterday, Shadow went to his forever foster home with Andrea G. in Smith River California.  And boy did he strike it rich.  He has a warm house to live in, a beach to walk on, the cool, crisp northern California air to enjoy, and a foster mom who dotes on him.  When I learned that he has a crate that he absolutely loves, but sleeps the night through on the bed with his foster mom, well I guess i do not need to know anything else.

Shadow, you may have fallen on hard times in your previous life, but you are now home and in loving hands that will adore you for the rest of your life.  High fives to Andrea and Shadow T.