Fiona T.

Lovely Fiona T. is one very happy lady, finally free not only from her recent stay at the Downey shelter, but also from her most recent owners who severely neglected and starved her.  She is now safely in the Thulani Program, with a loving, caring place for her to live from now on being assured.

Wow, flowers!

Fiona has been prancing around her new digs, proclaiming to the world how she feels about this new life.  She almost looks like a trotting horse with her animated gait.  She has been trying to get her doggie companions to prance with her, but none of them seems to have that special talent.

Fiona shortly will go to Davis to meet what we hope will be her permanent human and fur family.  Fingers crossed for this lovely lady as she moves on to the next and best chapter of her life.