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Blaze T.: Another Super Dog Escapes From Downey


Blaze T. is another casualty of the Downey region of southern California, but a real find for us.  Blaze was left at the Downey shelter with instructions to euthanize her and a claim that she was 14 years old.  But the guardian angel of the Thulani Program in the LA Basin would have none of it, and pulled Blaze into the program

I’m outta here!!!

Blaze is a spectacular dog, probably only about 10 years old, very beautiful, and possessing a loving soft personality.  She is wonderful with people (will wiggle into your lap to make sure you keep petting her and not get up, or will deliberately block your walking path and lean against you in order to get petted).  She is very social and easy with other dogs.  She has no significant health issues (the vet says her ears are perfect–have you ever encountered that in a rescue GSD?).


We have picked out a very special home for Blaze to spend the rest of her life, one that will dote over her as she deserves.  We will be meeting the family–two legged and four legged, in a couple of days.  Keep you fingers crossed, because this is a girl who deserves the best.  I just love the way she tells me that i am the most wonderful person on the planet.

The Shadow (T.) Knows


that he has fallen into the good life.

Where are these people I’m supposed to meet?

Shadow T. is a badly neglected, elderly German Shepherd mix that was pulled from the San Jose Animal Care Center into the Thulani Program.  Shadow is a classic ‘Jachens’ Shepherd, which means that he is a large dog with erect ears and a bomb-proof friendly personality and that once at least shook hands (paws?) with a German Shepherd.

I named him Shadow, but with hindsight, I should have named him Wags.  His tail is always going, whether he is meeting another dog, or most importantly, a new person.  Shadow has friends he has met, and a whole sea of friends he has yet to meet.  Shadow’s tail is so active that he could contract out as a house fan, except he has no hair on his tail at the moment.  But we are working on that.

Will you be my friend?

Yesterday, Shadow went to his forever foster home with Andrea G. in Smith River California.  And boy did he strike it rich.  He has a warm house to live in, a beach to walk on, the cool, crisp northern California air to enjoy, and a foster mom who dotes on him.  When I learned that he has a crate that he absolutely loves, but sleeps the night through on the bed with his foster mom, well I guess i do not need to know anything else.

Shadow, you may have fallen on hard times in your previous life, but you are now home and in loving hands that will adore you for the rest of your life.  High fives to Andrea and Shadow T.

Lovely Fiona T.


Fiona T.

Lovely Fiona T. is one very happy lady, finally free not only from her recent stay at the Downey shelter, but also from her most recent owners who severely neglected and starved her.  She is now safely in the Thulani Program, with a loving, caring place for her to live from now on being assured.

Wow, flowers!

Fiona has been prancing around her new digs, proclaiming to the world how she feels about this new life.  She almost looks like a trotting horse with her animated gait.  She has been trying to get her doggie companions to prance with her, but none of them seems to have that special talent.

Fiona shortly will go to Davis to meet what we hope will be her permanent human and fur family.  Fingers crossed for this lovely lady as she moves on to the next and best chapter of her life.

Stella Bella


Get ready for a real treat.  Stella Bella came into the Thulani Program about 10 months ago, as a result of the efforts of a number people who rescued her.  Please read Ann Hetherton’s response to the request for an update by one of those people .

Bob Jachens

Hello Sharran,

So very very nice to hear from you.

Stella Bella as we sometimes call her is absolutely thriving. She came to her home on January 19. She lives with my 8 year old female,  Ashley and my 15 month old male, Wolfie. I fell in love with Stella at first sight and was determined for her to fit into our pack, especially considering our 8 year old Ashley.

And boy did she.

Beach Time

She is having way too much fun. She gets regular walks and has attended many events as an ambassador dog for the Thulani Program in GSRNC.

So far she has attended:

Bark in the Park, the biggest dog event in San Jose,

The Wags to Riches annual GSRNC fund raiser,

Numerous kick-off events for Santa Clara County Combined Giving Campaign-employees donate to charities

Many of my chiropractic visits, they love her and ask about her of course and

Regularly visiting a house bound, terminally ill GSRNC volunteer.

Stella is also giving back in another way. I alternate taking Stella and Ashley to an assisted living home in San Jose twice a month for a few hours.

The mostly seniors living there light up when we arrive.

Those Eyes

They can’t stop petting Stella. She is a real crowd pleaser because she is so affectionate and friendly and thrives on the attention and will work for treat.

And those eyes! Some dogs are just able to draw people out with a look and she loves her many jobs. She just seems to “get it”.

Who could have guessed that precious Stella would come so far and give back so much.

Her tumors grew for awhile months ago, almost overnight sometimes. Stella wasn’t able to curl up at night or sleep with her legs in a natural position because of the size of the tumors. We could see the tumors bouncing around when she ran and played, but it didn’t stop her. A few months after she came home to us her tumors started bleeding a bit. They had torn open before and bled a bit, but this was different. The bleeding didn’t stop and got worse. I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach thinking I was going to have to make that difficult decision much sooner than I would have wished. We love Stella so so much. When Dr. Dave Roos at Adobe Animal Hospital told me I had two choices, I broke down crying, with relief! I knew GSRNC would do the right thing since her quality of life would improve and she is a young dog with more time left. GSRNC agreed Stella needed her tumors removed and her surgery was done the next day. Her tumors had spread so much that the extensive surgery made Stella take about 2 months to fully recover and start playing again. Watching my feisty Stella whimper in pain for 2 days after the surgery broke my heart, but it was the price to pay for her to have a better quality of life.

When we went to the Bark in the Park event in September, Stella was quite the hit. She is very friendly and the dogs loved her, particularly the male dogs. I later learned that Stella was in heat during the event. The hormones during heat can feed mammary tumors, so Stella will be spayed in November. Another decision by the Thulani Program in GSRNC allowing the quality of life issue to be the deciding factor.

The x-rays done in October showed her tumors on her lungs but Dr. Roos said it is possible Stella can live for awhile with these. At home we give Stella holistic treatments and gobs of love and cuddles. We are grateful for every day with Stella.

Stella and Wolfgang

Stella is extremely affectionate with me. She is one of those people-devoted dogs. When I leave the house she goes into her crate and waits or lays by the door, even when my boyfriend Sam is home. When the other dogs go potty, she won’t go out unless I go with her, even though she surely needs to go out. Whenever Sam approaches me with a hug, Stella runs from across the room, barking, and gets in between us. She paws Sam gently and tries to separate us. We wonder if she has witnessed domestic abuse in a prior life. She loves Sam and he is as gentle and soft-spoken as can be, but Stella seems hard wired to protect me.

My bond with Stella continues to grow. Stella and I cuddle many times every day. Now Stella starts my day with a cuddle in bed. I don’t usually let my dogs on the bed, but Stella finally overcame her fear of jumping on the bed and now she comes every morning for her first of the day cuddle and cuddles on command. I start every day by cuddling and spooning my precious Stella. Again, Stella just seems to “get it”.

Stella lived in a field for 4 months. A caring family persuaded her to come into their home. Her prognosis made it too difficult for the family to keep her. People called each other to help her. Stella passed her evaluation with flying colors, I picked her up and she came home. To the final home she will know for the rest of her life. Stella is here for the duration.

Thank you for the gift of Stella

Please do send the newsletter and this email to any who would benefit.

Thank you again for the gift of Stella

Ann Hetherton

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