Halo st the Shelter

Guess what was hidden inside this  ‘lump’?

A cute, affectionate little spark-plug, that’s what.   Halo T. was found at the Los Angeles Co shelter in Downey, in very bad shape and basically immobile.  She had been neglected for a very long time, and probably had been used ruthlessly as a breeder dog.  She was estimated to be 10 years old


That was a month ago, when Karen Barnes found and rescued her.  Today she is a happy, alert, engaging little female who follows me everywhere, literally sticking her nose into everything I am doing, and continually suggesting ways she can help.  When we roam the property, she stays with me until she figures out where we are going, then trots off to that spot to wait for me to arrive.   When I do, she prances around waiting for the signal that tells her what we will do next.

Halo is petite (only about 48 lbs but should be about 55), still needs to get some hair back (my wife says she looks like Woodstock from the Peanuts cartoons, with her sparse hair sticking up from her rear end), and could stand a refresher course on obedience.  When she gets her hair back, she will be an absolutely gorgeous little sable.  She walks reasonably well on lead until she sees a squirrel, then hang on.  She has a great recall, reinforced by her strong desire to be with her person, and will readily sit for her meals.  She sleeps quietly in her crate, and will go in there during the day with the door open to take a nap.  She rides well in the car.  She is social with other dogs and people, and currently is living with five fur-sibs.


Now that Halo is happy and on the road to recovery, we estimate that she is between eight and nine years old.  For now, she is still a Thulani Program dog, but if her progress continues, she may simply be an older German Shepherd suitable for our regular adoption program.

Halo was not my favorite dog when she arrived a month ago, but today I can’t get enough of her company.  She will make someone a  wonderful household companion, especially if they can spend a lot of time with her.