Traylor (AKA Tray) comes to the Thulani Program from Apple Valley, California.  Sounds idyllic and pastoral, doesn’t it?  And it is right next to Lucerne Valley!!  What could be better?

Traylor T in the desert

Well, whoever named these places rivals the moxie of Eric the Red when he named that grounded iceberg “Greenland” to try to attract settlers.  Both Apple and Lucerne Valleys are in the high Mojave Desert, 115° in the shade at this time of year, and there ain’t none.

Traylor was left there by his owner who departed for Alaska.  The people took care of him, but he was relegated to living in a cluttered sandbox and sleeping under a trailer to get out of the sun.  A good Samaritan recognized his plight, contacted our representative in southern California, Karen Barnes, and they negotiated his release to us.  She bailed him, took him to a groomer to gussy him up, and Karen sent him north with Cindy and Randy Ried, long-term Thulani volunteers.

Tray is an exceptional dog.  He is 11-12 years old, people focused, great with other dogs young and old (a bit submissive), wonderful house-dog, house trained, good house manners, and an absolute pleasure to be around.  He wants to be with his people, and will readily and easily climb over a 5.5’ gate to sit on the front porch and wait if left behind without his people contact (so much for the old boy with the bad knees).

Traylor in the hills

Tray is living in the hills west of Gilroy, with six other fur buddies of various flavors.  We are looking for the super forever foster home for Tray, one without cats (nice squeaky toys according to him) and with people who are there most of the time to revel in his attention.  Tray is one very special dog who will make the right family an exceptional companion.