Koby T. was one of those German Shepherds that you instantaneously fall in love with.  He was gentle, friendly, affectionate, and made it very clear that you were the most important person in the world.  He was a senior boy who was dumped at the Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with instructions to PTS.  Then his owners walked away.

Koby T.

Karen Barnes rescued him from the shelter and fell for him as she does for so many of these deserving dogs.  She and her vet worked to  get past his medical difficulties, and things seemed to be looking up when he came up to the Bay area.  I took him in and continued the vet work, while simultaneously appreciating what a fantastic dog he was and what a great personality he had.  He would follow me all over the yard, just wanting to interact.  He was friendly to my other dogs and to everyone who came around.  He was just a pleasure to be around.

But despite our efforts for more than a couple of weeks up here, he was not improving.  He was clearly in pain and discomfort, so I took him into my vet.  To our horror, we found that Koby had a massive colo-rectal tumor that basically blocked his colon and severely impacted his urinary tract.  He could not eliminate.  His condition was untreatable,he was in pain, and there was no life quality left, so we made the decision to have him put to sleep.  Koby died quietly in my arms.

Koby T.

Koby deserved much better than he got, but we gave him as good a final chapter as we could, and stayed with him as he passed to the Rainbow Bridge.  I will look for him when I get there.