Gatlin was another of those incredible senior German Shepherds that Karen Barnes rescued from a shelter in the LA basin.  He had been surrendered to a shelter by his owners, with the full knowledge that he almost certainly would be put to sleep because almost no one will adopt a 13 yr old German Shepherd.  But Gatlin did fantastically in his evaluation by Karen, and we brought him into the Thulani Program.  He fit in smoothly where ever he went, both with people and with other dogs.  We had hoped to have him with us for a long time.

Gatlin T.

Gatlin went to live in the wine country of northern California, going to work each day with his mom and his fur sib.  He had lots of grass to relax on, a companion to play with, and loads of humans to dolt on him.  He blended seamlessly into his new home, the pictures we got from his new mom illustrated unequivocally that dogs can indeed smile.  Gatlin was living the good life.

Gatlin T

But a few days ago, he stopped eating, and his abdomen was swollen.  His foster mom Joan took him to a vet, and we found out that his spleen was riddled with tumors, and apparently one had ruptured.  We ended his suffering with Joan holding him until the end.

Gatlin died much too soon, but Joan and the Thulani Program did all we could, and we can say absolutely that his final months in the Thulani Program were wonderful.  Gatlin got the reward he deserved, even if it was only for three months.  Rest easy Gatlin, we will see you again.