Arlo was rescued off the streets of west LA, so badly beaten up and in such terrible shape that we thought he was a dog for our Thulani Program (dogs with only a very limited life expectancy).  So we took him in, but soon discovered as he recovered and put on some weight, that he was a relatively young dog with absolutely no intention of ‘checking out’ anytime soon.  So we kicked him out of the Thulani Program and put him up for adoption.  PJ fostered him and found the most fantastic home for him.  Enjoy the comments and the pictures from his new home and family.

To you nice folks that rescued, Arlo,

Well, I thought it was time for a brief update, so here goes. We’ve had, Arlo for about 5 weeks now. Five wonderful weeks. For, Arlo. For ourselves and everyonel among our family and friends who have had the pleasure of meeting him. Love at first site, for all. Needless to say.

La Dolce Vita

Arlo and I more or less bonded overnight. He is a pleasure to be around and doesn’t usually let me out of his site. He, Our cat, Midnight and I take daily walks in the backyard. Sometime the front yard too. Just like I did with, Buddy and Midnight. I thought I’d never see anything like that again. But, Midnight helped make it happen. I think she sees, Arlo as, Buddy. They’ve become very close.This is surely something to see. Unbelievable site.

I get the feeling that, Arlo never saw many (or any) squirrels, or birds before. We have plenty here, daily and he is absolutly facinated by them. Mostly the squirrels. He could stare at them for hours on end without getting overly excited.Giving me lots of photo ops.Which, Mary and I take advantage.

What is that critter?

Basically, Arlo is easy to take care of. He has had some good training in his past history. Someone commented on his great looking white teeth. Someone must have had his teeth cleaned, since the shelters don’t do that. I noticed too.

We’ll never know anything about , Arlo’s backgound (history), but believe me, he’s in a good home now and it will be part of my purpose to let everyone know what’s going on in his life today. He’s doing very well and has made the necessary adjustments. He’s gained a little weight and will gain more. Now that he’s off of his roaming the streets of, Los Angelas diet, his coat is starting to sheen. Soft and shiney. It used to have a rough texture. His coat and overall appearence is beautiful. He’s one handsom guy/dog. That’s for sure.

Well, they look good. I wonder how they taste.

On nice days, when I’m working outside on one of my many garden type projects, He will lie down in  the shade, near where i’m working, always wanting to be with me, or at least near me. He did well among our Mothers day gathering.
On Saturday he did so extremely well among sooooo many different breeds of dogs at the Woof To Woof dog show in Scotts Valley, where German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California had a booth.One of many booths. HUndreds of dogs. So nice to see, And so nice to see, Arlo getting along with all animal and human contacts. It was nice meeting, Bob for the first time and seeing, P.J. again and meeting everyone in their booth. Arlo layed won next to and kissed a 13 year old German Shepherd that is on the last days of his life. He looked good though and it was nice to see ,Arlo laying next to him.

Another update will follow. I’m putting together a documentary type video of, Arlo, from day one up until now. It has me narrating. No music, like in first DVD movie. A lot of this video is from his first day with me/us.
Doug and , Mary