To begin the next chapter of his life.  He has escaped from the shelter in Downey.  He has had his vet visit and been declared healthy.  He is up on his shots and has his microchip.  He has passed his ‘manners tests’ both with people and with dogs in his temporary foster home.  And his mind is set for a new adventure.

He now needs his forever home where he can exercise, slim down, love his people, and meld into his new life.  He would love to be an only dog simply because he wants his people all to himself.  Because Solo is in the Thulani Program, GSRNC will pay for all of his expenses in his new home–medical, food, pads, etc.  All the new home has to provide is safety, comfort, and love.

Solo is a bouncy, happy 11 yr old male who has a lot of good life left for him, and we will make sure he enjoys it.  He loves people and bonds very quickly and strongly.  He is quite comfortable staying home alone during the day without getting anxious, and will relax as long as he gets his walk in the morning and his walk in the evening.  He has great manners with other dogs, big and small, and is cat workable (but will need some work and leadership).  He loves to go for walks but not long ones (this will probably increase as he loses weight), and rides well in the car, although he will serenade you at times.  He knows the basic obedience commands, but only in Spanish.  He came to the Thulani Program with a piece of paper clipped to his collar with the Spanish for sit, down, stay, and quiet.

If you would like to consider giving Solo his forever home, please contact Bob at  Solo is waiting!!