He is now among friends in the Thulani Program, having escaped a shelter in the LA basin where he was dumped by his owners with a request to PTS.  Sound familiar?  It should because we are getting a steady stream of wonderful senior GSDs from the southland, due mostly to the heroic work of Karen Barnes of Westside GSR, operating in her role as the eyes and ears of the Thulani Program in the City and County of LA.

Solo is a bouncy, happy 11 yr old male who has a lot of good life left for him, and we will make sure he enjoys it.  He loves people and bonds very quickly and strongly.  He has great manners with other dog, big and small, and is cat workable (but will need some work and leadership).  He loves to go for walks, and rides well in the car, although he will serenade you at times.  He know the basic obedience commands, but only in Spanish.  He came to the Thulani Program with a piece of paper clipped to his collar with the Spanish for sit, down, stay, and quiet.

Unfortunately for Solo, he is grossly overweight (30-35 lbs), tipping the scales at a hefty 125 lbs.  He needs to drop some of that weight before he has a heart attack.

Solo is a fine addition to our Thulani Program who is looking for his forever home.  His ideal home would be one in which he is put on a diet, gets lots of exercise, and one in which his people are around most of the time.

o thanks Solo for coming to the Bay area.  We will make it worth your while.