We saved Blackie T with very little time to spare, but he is now firmly and safely ensconced in the Thulani Program.  And what a spectacular dog he is.  He is handsome, smart, and greets you with the most wonderful ‘helicopter’ tail action I have seen in years.  He just lights up when people approach, and his doggie manners are superb.  He even tolerates cats, but we will let that one go.

Blackie, 12 years young, was dumped at the Downey shelter (LA basin) and was scheduled to be PTS last week, but for some reason the shelter had not contacted our Thulni representative about him.  When we learned of him and contacted the shelter, they bruskly informed us that we had less than 24 hours before he would be PTS, and further, would give us almost no information about him other than his picture and his age.  We did not even have time to evaluate him properly, but decided to pull him anyway, just hours before he was scheduled.  And was that ever the right decision.

So Blackie is now in the Bay area thanks to the quick work of Karen Barnes in LA, and he is relaxing and enjoying his new-found freedom and peace.  He will be heading to his forever home day after tomorrow.

Welcome Blackie, you are among friends !!  You can relax.