Gingy is a friendly, perky lady that was surrendered to the LA Co Castaic Shelter, a classic case of a dedicated friend who became an inconvenience.  But our Thulani Program ‘eyes and ears’ in the City and County of Los Angeles, Karen Barnes, spotted this lovely lady before anything bad could happen to her, and arranged for her to be taken in by our Thulani Program.

Gingy is 12 years old, has a bit of trouble seeing, and is slightly wobbly in her rear end, but none of this slows her down.  She loves people, loves to be petted, rolls over readily to have her belly skritched.  She is excited to go on walks, knows basic commands, is house trained, is crate trained, eats well, and is generally a pleasure to be around.  She is good with small dogs, but probably does not want to live with another large dog.

Gingy is now living in a permanent foster home, with a couple that specializes in older dogs.  As she came in the first time, she was greeted with hugs and kisses, and well-placed treats scattered in various strategic places around the house.  Better yet, as we walked up the driveway, I could hear one of the neighborhood kids squeal “oh look, they are getting a new dog!!!”

So welcome Gingy to the Thulani Program and the good life.