Our Thulani Program is rapidly becoming the home and sanctuary for an incredible group of senior German Shepherds that are uniformly wonderful, engaging, and affectionate.  And they all have such great manners.

Our latest addition, Gatlin T., comes to us from the Downey, CA shelter by way of Karen Barnes of Westside German Shepherd Rescue.  Gatlin T is a 13 year old gentleman that was surrendered to the shelter with a request that he be PTS.  Gatlin’s only problems are that he is old, overweight, and has difficulty getting up and walking.  But he has the courage and drive of a true GSD and still has some quality life left for him.  We will give him that, and initial signs are that with proper pain management, some anti-inflammatory medications, and getting some weight off him, he will be around for some time brightening the lives of all those around him.

His personality is great, he loves people and other dogs, he settles in nicely, and as Karen put it so appropriately  “He’s polite and beyond the stage of being a show-off like the young GS punks.  I just love his face.”  Gatlin is now living with five fur-sibs, and has laid claim to one of the numerous cushy pads scattered around the house.  He is a wonderful addition to the pack.