Buddy D. should really be named Ballgame Buddy.  He will be your friend forever if you only throw the ball for him.  His owner was wearing out her arm with the ball throwing, so her grand kids bought her a tennis ball launching machine.  And Buddy, being the smart German Shepherd he is, learned to use the machine himself–while the humans just sat off to the side and watched.  Buddy would grab a tennis ball, drop it into the hopper, and then wait for the machine to do its thing.  When the ball was launched, Buddy would chase after it, retrieve it, and drop it into the hopper, etc., etc,., and so forth.  Until, of course, the ball got so slobbery that it gummed up the machine.

Buddy had the greatest life possible, but sadly his keeper needed to find him a new home.  We took Buddy back, into the Thulani Program, where he now has a permanent foster home, with a couple who know how to throw a tennis ball.  Although it is a bittersweet chapter for him to move to a new home, he now has a warm and loving home that will keep him for as long as he will permit, and his former keeper can visit him as much as she wants.  Not the best of endings, but one that everyone can feel very good about.

And Buddy will continue to keep those tennis balls entertained.