Euripides VI (‘Rip’) is a bright-eyed, alert 11.5 year old male German Shepherd who has lived a great life since being adopted from San Francisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue in 2002.  Unfortunately, recently Rip’s luck turned bad, he lost his home, and he had an appointment to be euthanized.  Upon seeing Rip and the amount of ‘life’ he had left in him, the Veterinarian that had been called to euthanize him refused to do it. Instead German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California was called and he was welcomed into the Thulani Program.

Rip is good around people and was big brother to 2 children. He is dominant around some other dogs, but loved playing with his sister Carly. He has a great sense of humor, and is a typically smart GSD.

Rip is all German Shepherd, with a purposeful walk, a bright face, an intense interest in the world around him, and a truly impressive ‘roar’ for a bark.  He is a people’s dog–wanting nothing more than to be always at his special person’s side.  That is not to say he does not appreciate all the people he meets, he does!!  He comes quickly up to new people with ears forward, only to put them into a soft, submissive posture as he gets close to the meeting.  That sort of a greeting is probably the only case where you would describe him as submissive.  He is strong, both in body and mind, can be dominant, and prefers to have his people all to himself.  He is not inclined to invite any doggie buddies to the local beer pub with him.  But he does love walks, as long as they are only about a 1/2 mile or less, and preferably on flat ground.  He rides quietly in the car, although he often needs help while getting in.

Rip has hip dysplasia but is otherwise healthy.  His hip dysplasia is being managed by pain medications, but results in him being stiff in the mornings when he wakes up, being limited in the length of walks he can take, walking with a bit of a wobbly gate that can result in falling if negotiating steep stairs or steep uneven ground, and having difficulty getting in and out of vehicles.  That having been said, with proper care and foresight, Rip is quite mobile and anxious to partake of everyday activities to the utmost of his capabilities.

Rip has basic obedience commands and house-manners mastered. He enjoys carrying around and playing with tennis balls. He will retrieve them when they are gently tossed or rolled not too far away and actually gives them up when asked. Rip takes treats gently and enjoys a good scritch. He is generally quiet around the house and yard. He enjoys curling up at your feet while you’re reading and sniffing the yard while you’re gardening. But if he sees another dog he will let out his “roar” of a bark.

Rip is not comfortable sleeping in a crate but he will enter an x-pen upon request and sleep on a dog bed within. Rip can be left in an outdoor run or x-pen with shade and water for several hours and he is not disruptive.

Unfortunately, Rip lost his battle unexpectedly, probably to an internal cancer.  Rip’s ashes have been scattered along a peaceful stretch of the Sonoma coast.  We will miss him, but he gave great happiness to all that interacted with him.