We are declaring victory in the weight department!  She’s tipping the scales at 73 pounds, and that might be a pound or two too many!!  If she started out at 45 pounds on Christmas Eve, that’s 28 pounds in less than 3 months.  She’s noticing that she’s a little heavier when she jumps onto the dog sofa . . .a little bit more in her caboose now!  So we’re cutting her back to 2 meals/day.

Her coat continues to improve as new, healthy hair replaces the old dead hair.  I think she’s got enough hair now where we can take her to a groomer for a shampoo/blow dry.

"Uh, Guys, don't you think it is time to go down to the Pebble Beach pad? Remember, I'm a southern California gal."

We’re doing daily walks in the field to build up a little muscle, which she seems to enjoy.  She certainly won’t stand for being left behind and lets out a war whoop of a yell if we leave with the other two.

You won’t recognize her.  Unbelievable recovery from near death.

We had a dusting of snow last Saturday.